259A Love for Community

Before his political career, Brandon knew he was meant to serve his community. He was instrumental in obtaining start-up funds for Beaver youth baseball. These funds were used to build new baseball fields and create an organization that would come to be Beaver Baseball Association Inc., a completely self-sustaining and growing organization. Since the implementation of the new organization, Beaver Baseball Association Inc. has tripled its enrollment and the organization is thriving.

Brandon has also been the President of the Prince of Peace parish, formerly known as St. Valentine’s parish, Men’s Club. Throughout his years of dedicated service to the club Brandon has secured funding to provide stewardship within the organization. Some examples of how the funding has benefited the community would be various maintenance projects within the parish, a $2000 donation to St. Gabriel’s school for the purchase of electronic tablets, several donations to student parishioners to study abroad and donations to St. Agnes mission trips.

Career Success

Members of the community recognized Brandon’s success in his volunteer roles and asked him to become more involved in the community as a voice for the people. He decided to run for a trustee position on the Beaver Township board and was elected to that role in 2008. As a trustee Brandon was instrumental in maintaining a balanced budget all while serving the needs of his constituents.

In 2010 Brandon decided he needed to move to a role that can help create job growth in Bay County. In November of 2010 he won his bid for the 2nd District County Commission seat and began building a better future for the youth in Bay County. In his capacity as Commissioner, Brandon supported several resolutions that promoted economic development and brought many businesses to Bay County. He continued his role as a County Commissioner until 2014.

Brandon has made tough decisions throughout his role as a commissioner. He voted to subsidize several programs within the recreation department to give Bay County’s constituents options for their recreational services such as the Bay County Golf Course, Bay County Civic Arena and the Bay County Community Center pool. Brandon also voted to give equal rights to all individuals that were not covered by the Elliot Larson Act, like LGBT constituents doing business with Bay County. Brandon believes that no one person should ever be discriminated against in their workplace and all people should have equal rights.

In 2014 Brandon replaced Victoria Roupe as the Register of Deeds for Bay County. In the short 2 years Brandon has been the Register of Deeds, he has saved Bay County Constituents over $200,000 through procedural changes and another $12,000 annually in software maintenance fees. Other things Brandon has done as your Register of Deeds are:

  • Implemented E-filing, which allows constituents to file all their recordable documents electronically.
  • Scanned all 564 archived Deed books to prevent the loss of the records from theft, fire, flood or natural disaster.
  • Completed back indexing of 40 years of marketable research for title research.
  • Implemented fraud protection from title theft.